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With over 75 years of business experience, Morantz Inc. has been in business to make your business a success. Whether you are interested in our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, our Firesonic Systems, Screen Printing Equipment, or our Drapery Workroom Equipment, each business provides a unique opportunity in proven niche markets. This is why the entrepreneurs and business owners who deal with Morantz Inc. have a high level of success.

Morantz Inc.'s success rate can also be linked to the unprecedented level of customer service, support and free training which is offered to all of our customers. Full and proven marketing and advertising programs give our customers the momentum they need to start and maintain their companies without having to go through a painstaking trial and error process.

These are not franchise opportunities, but business opportunities with all the benefits of a franchise. The difference is that there are no franchise fees or limitations on what you can do with your business. Very simply, if you succeed we succeed.

Our History
Morantz Inc. began over 70 years ago with Herbert and Evelyn Morantz who started a custom drapery shop in their renovated home in West Philadelphia. After a few years they were able to expand into a small shop and cater to Philadelphia's top interior designers and other industry clients.

Years later, their son, Stan Morantz, joined the business. Stan was responsible for screenprinting custom designs on the draperies which was fashionable at the time. He utilized the upstairs of his parents shop to open his own screenprinting business, Imperial Screenprinting, for both the drapery work and T-shirts.

Stan Morantz demonstrating one of his first patented inventions

Stan would watch his parents sew the draperies and knew there had to be an easier way. He and his father started to make gadgets to make jobs a little easier. The first gadget they worked on eventually became their first invention, the Morantz Pleater Gauge. The Pleater Gauge literally revolutionized the process of pleating draperies and allowed people to complete their work in less than half the time of existing methods. The Pleater Gauge was introduced to a world wide market and was a huge success. Stan continued to invent equipment for the drapery workroom trade, eventually creating 52 patented items in all. This equipment is still used by large workrooms, such as JCPenny and Sears as well as by mom and pop shops throughout the world.

Stan Morantz and father, Herbert, with their first invention

Several years later, Stan began to notice a gradual decline in the interest for draperies and increased popularity of window blinds. He decided to open a new company, Designer's Vertical Blind, for the manufacture of custom window blinds. The business did very well. In time, customers began to call Stan back and ask how to clean the blinds. Always the entrepreneur, Stan researched methods of cleaning blinds and realized there was no effective way. He began to develop a process by which blinds could be cleaned ultrasonically. This research and development eventually led to the birth of The Baby Blind Cleaning Machine...the first ever ultrasonic blind cleaner.

Over the past 25 years, ultrasonic cleaning has become an industry in and of itself…and has moved well beyond Blinds! Now Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are being utilized in every country throughout the world to clean blinds, golf clubs, light diffusers, wheelchairs, electronics, and soot and smoke damaged items with a special line of Firesonic Systems.

Morantz Inc. continues to expand the screenprinting industry with the Morantz Screen-A-Print. For over 10 years, Morantz has been offering this revolutionary system which takes up only 8 square feet of working space and allows you to print T-shirts, hats totebags, posters, bumper stickers and much more in unlimited colors and unlimited quantities.

Heather Morantz, Stan Morantz, and Lisa Morantz with the Baby Blind Cleaner

As Morantz Inc. heads into its 7th decade, Stan's daughter Lisa Morantz, continues to expand the business. Lisa brings to the company her experience as Director of Business and Legal Affairs of a major California media corporation as well as her legal background... not to mention all of those hours spent in the office as a child learning from Dad. Stan's other daughter, Heather, is also in the business keeping Morantz Inc. a true, family run organization.

With the third generation in place, our worldwide distributor network, Morantz Inc.'s future is brighter than ever. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of clients.


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