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The Morantz Dial-A-Swag & Easy Fold Cascade

The Morantz Dial-A-Swag™ and Easy Fold Cascade™ allows even the most inexperienced sewer to make beautiful window treatments in record time. Don't turn away custom made swag and cascade orders for lack of experienced help. Now you can manufacture perfect, custom-made swags and cascades the professional way. With the Morantz Dial-A-Swag™ and Easy Fold Cascade™ you'll make swags and cascades faster, without guesswork. Follow simple instructions to make perfect swags and cascades each and every time!

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  • Cut and drape swags in minutes instead of hours!
  • Reduce swag making time by over 90%
  • Now ANYONE can make swags and cascades professionally!
  • Make any width, depth, shape, size or style swag and cascade with little or no experience!
  • Cut waste by knowing how much material you need to order before you start.

Morantz Dial-A-Swag™ -$465.50
Morantz Easy Fold Cascade™ - $199.95

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